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We provide two types of hair: Ponytail Hair & Machine-Aligned Hair.

    • Our Ponytail Hair is the best hair in the hair market.

    • If you feel the Ponytail Hair is too costly, our Machine-Aligned Hair is the best alternate.

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#4 Why do the Ponytail Hair and Machine-Aligned Hair look almost the same from the video/picture?


Updated May 18, 2022

 From May 18th, 2022, our ponytail bundles will be banded with white rubber bands, as shown in the following picture. If you like your bundles to be banded with other rubber bands, we could do that for you free of charge.

Ponytail Hair Bundle

From $39.68 - $127.07

Machine-Aligned Hair Bundle

From $19.84 - $83.63